École J. E. Lapointe School



Mission Statement

To empower students to reach their potential through quality learning opportunities.


Our aim is to encourage the positive growth and development of our students.

School Philosophy

  • To provide an opportunity for development – academically, morally, physically, and socially, in a safe and caring environment.
  • To establish and maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning.
  • To encourage the development of a positive self concept and individual self worth within each student.
  • To encourage school practices which model and reinforce socially responsible and respectful behaviors.
  • To treat each student as an individual.
  • To provide each student with opportunities to experience success.
  • To foster student pride in his or her work.
  • To encourage an attitude for learning which is consistent with a rapidly changing world.
  • To foster and maintain close working relationships with parents and teachers in the total education of the child.