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ÉJELS Sabre Scoop

ÉJELS Noon Hour 2022-2023 – Grade nine students are permitted to leave school grounds during lunch hour provided that parental permission have been provided using the Google Form that was sent home in the first week of September.


Student Verification Form Information

Why is the Returning Student/Student Verification form so important?
  • Verifies all personal contact information (address, email, phone numbers etc.)
  • Includes the Student Transportation to School-Related Activities form (the ability to transport your students to field trips)
  • Includes the Collection/Use of Student Information consent (the ability to share information with Alberta Education, the taking of students names and photos/videos of classroom and other school activities such as class/team photos, yearbooks, awards, etc., using school newsletters to announce student success and activities within the school, etc.).
  • Includes medical information
  • Verifies emergency contact information